Click image below for more "still life"

Click image below for more "still life"
Francis Cunningham "Three Baldwin Apples" (1964) Oil on linen 5'' x 16''

Monday, December 14, 2009

Portraits: Mimi Scherb

The video introduction to our new video project, Portraits, received a bit more feedback from you than our previews videos. Thank you. We tried to cover more in each of the previews video and they took longer to produce and put up on YouTube. So, this time we're trying something different, shorter, rougher- more frequent, more focused videos. This time the subject is the models Dick has worked with over the years. First, Mimi with whom Dick worked from early in his career and whom he painted many times.

Your thoughts and reactions are as always welcome. Comment here, email or even snail mail. Watch for more videos here and on our YouTube Portraits playlist and Dick's YouTube channel.


  1. Dearest Dick,
    How wonderful to hear you talk with such love and caring about "Mimi" the Queen of are a true artist.....both of the canvas and of life!
    Mikael Melbye

  2. Dick,
    A great painting of a great model. This was a very defining moment for you. But in a sense for me also since I came to a full and immediate realization that I was studying with a master upon first sight of this work.
    Peter Colquhoun