Click image below for more "still life"

Click image below for more "still life"
Francis Cunningham "Three Baldwin Apples" (1964) Oil on linen 5'' x 16''

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Israel Hershberg Exhibition at Marlborough Gallery - Jerusalem Studio School

Dick is back in New York for a few days and we're meeting at his studio to shoot the rest of the video about the studio interior painting he's been working on in the country and which he finally completed.

But it's not the first time we meet in NY this late summer. We met a few weeks back in Chelsea, when Dick came to the city for the opening of the exhibition of Israel Hershberg at Marlborough Gallery.
Israel Hershberg Aria Umbra II, 2009 Oil on linen 36 5/8 x 98 5/8 in
Israel Hershberg "From Afar"
Venue: Marlborough Chelsea
Schedule: From 2009-09-10 To 2009-10-10

Francis Cunningham and Israel Hershberg Francis Cunningham and Israel Hershberg
Israel Hershberg was one of the students picked by Dick for High School honors class at the Brooklyn Museum Art School in 1966. Israel went to study at Pratt and teach at various US institutions. Dick and Israel have stayed in touch and remained friends.
Israel eventually moved to Israel, where he founded and continues to direct the Jerusalem Studio School.
Dick says that Jerusalem Studio School is the only institution he knows where Dickinson's way of looking and principles are still central today.
Israel took from Dick's teaching Dickinson's tonal work: color spots, plumb line and the finder. He used those tools to develop his own form of realism and teaches them the Jerusalem Studio School.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dick Cooking Sheffield Corn Video

On my personal blog on NY Art Wine I made an entry about the corn and wine I had with Dick. Somehow I omitted the best part, the video of Dick cooking Sheffield corn for our last Sheffield lunch. But, it now has been corrected and the entry includes the video of Dick demonstrating how to cook perfect corn. I'm also posting the clip here, since I did not include it in any of my preview entries.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend of August 22nd: Perke and Dick in the Berkshires

Despite the "micro burst" storm that tore through the Berkshires area and despite merciless mosquitoes, we managed to do quite a lot of work with Dick. I took scores of photos of the barn, of the outside and inside, but especially the studio. Here is the set and here the slideshow, to see almost all of the work and fun in photos an videos. Not yet ready is a longer video, which I'm beginning to edit now.
Talking with Dick about the still life he's currently working on demystified a lot of painting process for me and I hope to show Dick elaborating on it in our video.
This is part of the still life set up, of which only a fragment is visible on the canvas and on the "map."
The rest of the set-up. The dried fruit is a beauty.
Finally, an attempt by me to capture the whole of the setup with my still camera, as it is on Dick's canvas.
Something, I'd not known about Dick's painting process is "the map." He starts his longer projects with a map like this, transfers it to a canvas and then begins his "color spot" painting process. (The many maps that got saved would look great strangely as a B&W graphic novel, in my opinion.) The "color spot" process that Dick uses justly attracted attention of my companion to the Berkshires, partner at NY Art Beat and husband, Kosuke who brought attention to it on his Japanese blog. He touched upon the subject of the technique and wrote in general about our trip and some of the anecdotes that Dick is so good at telling.
Here is the yet unfinished still life on canvas.
When not working on our video and photos, or enjoying a few meals prepared by Kitty, Dick showed us around the area where he's been coming to paint every summer since the 60s. So, here is Perke and Dick by one of the pear trees.
I'm taking the the pear to the barn and then to NY. It was good after a few days of sitting on my fridge.
Walking through the swampy area in the back, from which we had to eventually withdraw, because my shoes were not ready for such an adventure and mosquitoes were biting strong.
At the falls, which Dick claims he used to run to daily after a day of work to cool off. We drove, due to the unstable weather and the mosquitoes.
Saturday afternoon in the barn- resting with tea before Kosuke and my leaving for NY- after a lunch of Sheffield corn, sandwiches and some wine which we'd bought for early Friday dinner in the barn. The dinner was supposed to be followed by Dick and Kitty's trip to a ballet by Ulysses_Dove. All of it was literally cut short by the storm. With the power and telephone out, we made the most of the evening by driving to the nearest restaurant for a good meal and plenty of anecdotes.